Dare To Be Desirable

Beautiful Lingerie can make you feel sexy and be a major turn-on for your significant other. This article will show you how to use lingerie to make yourself look and feel utterly desirable. If you have a special evening planned with your loved one and you want to look your finest in lingerie, learn how to pick out a piece that will work for you.



1. Measure your bust, or have it measured at your local lingerie shop, to ensure you are wearing the appropriate bust size. Wearing the wrong size may not only look awkward, but also be uncomfortable. Consult a lingerie magazine for size charts and proper measuring at home as most come with instructions and charts.

2. Stick with a cup type that will enhance your bust. If you are larger in the bust area a cup with moulded foam will help you keep your bust under control. For smaller busts, consider padded cups with underwire that will lift what you've got and give you a larger-looking bust. Be sure to adjust your breast so that it is full and rounded within your bra.

3. Select lingerie that will flatter your midsection as well. For example, if you have a thin midsection or hourglass shape, fitted lingerie such as corset tops will add curves or show off existing ones. If you have a fuller midsection, empire and flowing waists, like those in baby doll dresses, can mask the area and enhance your legs and bust. If you want to emphasize your midsection, a well-fitted embellished bra is all you need.

4. Purchase bottoms that will complement your behind and hips. Boy-short cuts enhance a round behind, and fuller-bottomed women may want to avoid thin cuts such as a bikini or thong. If you have a thin hip and bottom area, add some curve with ruffled bottoms. Consider the kind of top you have, too. Corsets look good with most bottoms, as do baby-doll dresses. If you are wearing a long lingerie dress, avoid ruffled bottoms that will give your body an awkward shape.

Other Tips:

  • If long legs are not your forte, you'll want to choose lingerie that gives the illusion of leg length. To do this, choose styles that have a high cut leg to help maximize the height of your legs. A short chemise that hits high on the leg can be effective or a pair of high cut tap pants can be flattering on some women. For the more daring, a skimpy thong can make the legs look long and slim.

  • If you have a little extra on your tummy, it can be disguised by wearing lingerie in a dark, opaque fabric that covers the tummy. Stay away from light coloured, sheer lingerie that exposes the stomach area. You can draw attention away from your tummy by emphasizing other areas of your body If your have a nice bust-line and shoulders, call attention away from the tummy area by emphasizing the upper half of your body.  Wearing a two toned chemise with a light colour on top and a darker colour on the lower half can help to draw the eyes upward.
    Adding a pretty necklace will also call attention to the upper half of your body. A bustier style may also be flattering if you have a well developed bust.

  • If you have larger thighs, it's best to choose a negligee or baby doll style that has some fullness in the skirt to make the legs appear less full. Avoid styles that fit tightly against the lower half of the body. Again you can draw attention away from plump thighs by emphasizing the upper half of your body with a style that has a bustier or other breast enhancing detail.

  • If you have blonde or lighter coloured hair, pretty pastel pinks and baby blues will look lovely on you, while brunettes can handle the stronger richer maroons and bright primary colours. (Keep in mind that bright colours can make a plump body look larger, while darker colours tend to give the illusion of a smaller size). Red-heads look fantastic in greens and rich russet shades.

Beautiful Lingerie - For the Woman You want to be.
Knowing that you are wearing something ravishing, sexy and alluring close to your body will make you feel
gorgeous, powerful and beautiful all day long.

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